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The JLSO Tec Trade GmbH was established due to a outsourcing-project of the Division Apparatus Engineering of J. Lechner & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG.

20 Jahre JLSO

Managing Director and Owner of the JLSO Tec Trade GmbH is Mr. Daniel Meckel.

Bild Daniel Meckel
Daniel Meckel

He is responsible for development, production and selling of the well-known Strömungsschalter (flow switches), Durchflußwächter (flow-controller), compressed air-check-valves and electrode-operated controls for pressure-vessel-ventilation.

Beyond that the JLSO Tec Trade GmbH offers a wide spectrum of armatures, apparatuses and measuring instruments for flow monitoring, level and pressure control and auxiliary products such as stainless-steel ball-valves, receivers for water and air, pressure vessels and diaphragm Pressure expansion vessels of prestigious manufacturers and much more besides. The products find use for operation in drinking water systems, pumping and purifying plants in the processing industries for dommestic and world-wide application. Consulting Customers in the section of technical equipment construction and compilation of individual solutions is one of the main important targets of the company. The excellent quality of the manufactured and distributed products plays a important part and the contentment of our customers is very significant to us. A further main stay of the JLSO Tec Trade GmbH is Selling and Repairing Pumps for house, yard, garden and industry. In this field, our customers belong here both private households, associations, institutes of universities, municipal water provider, administration unions for clear water and sewage plants.
Requests and Inquiries are worked-on fast competently after best knowledge.
Customers profit by the long-standing contacts of the company to their suppliers, whereby the JLSO Tec Trade GmbH is enabled to offer particulary economical solutions.

we are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified